Earthing Queen Pillowcases 2 Pack

$ 154.50

Put your head down and be grounded :)



Check Your Outlets For Ground

In order to use your Earthing product, you must connect it to the “ground port”

of a grounded 3 prong outlet.

 Setting Up The Pillow

1. Place the Earthing pillow on your mattress. 

2. Insert one end of the Earthing cord into the ground port (third hole) of a properly grounded wall outlet or connect to cord of a ground rod placed in the Earth outside.

3. When you lie down on the connected pillow, any bare skin contact will transfer the Earth’s energy to your body once you connect the sheet.

 How To Wash and Care For Your Earthing Pillow

It is good to wash your Earthing® product.

It will become softer with washings.  Air dry only.


Cord Length : 78"